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Don't Ask Those Questions

Don't Ask Those Questions

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Don’t Ask Those Questions is a game designed for small groups, youth groups, discipleship classes, or anyone that wants to go deeper in their spiritual relationships. Card deck includes 55 cards (including an instruction card) and will arrive in a clear plastic case for safekeeping.

Sitting in a circle, start by having the first person pick a card and ask the question to the person on their right. After answering, it then becomes their turn to choose a card. Continue around the circle until everyone has had a turn.

Contents Include:

1 Clear Plastic Carrying Case (2.5"x3.5")
54 Game Cards (2.48"X3.46")
1 Instruction Card (2.48"X3.46")

Sample Questions:

1) What still amazes you about God's grace?
2) How do you deal with envy?
3) Tell us your two-minute testimony.
4) Who first shared the gospel with you?
5) Where do you connect most with God and why?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danny Qin
Great for conversations

Used this in my young adults group, it generated some pretty thought provoking conversations!

kyle morton

Don't Ask Those Questions

Alexander McEwen

You could start your youth group meeting by having kids drink soda out of a dirty sock, you can play some game where kids hit each other with pool noodles, and it’s rumored that some denominations won’t let you call yourself the youth minister until you’ve had kids make hot fudge Sundays in their mouths. But when the cheap gimmicks and silly games are over and through and you’re ready to really build intimacy, these are the cards for you.

My youth LOVE these cards. They encourage kids to ask themselves tough questions that get at the heart of what it means to be and live as a Christian. When a 13 year old is forced to answer “what’s the biggest problem facing the Church in the next five years?” You can rest assured, good things are happening.

These are a great resource for building intimacy and community in your youth group. Use them with your Church’s Men’s Breakfast to see men who normally won’t open up spill their souls. Use them with small groups who are just now getting to know each other. Use them with your wife as a fun game to build intimacy even deeper.

In short, BUY THESE CARDS! If you haven’t already you’re missing out.

Matt Cain
What a great idea!

I’m helping to plant a church and I bought these because we’re going to start small groups. The questions are fun, and I think they’ll be a great exercise.

Lisa Fulcher
Great resource!

I teach high school girls in a small group setting and have been using these cards with them. They’ve loved them and ask me to either bring or use “the cards” when we meet! Could be used with adults or family time. Great resource!