Foster Care

The language we use in speaking about abortion is important. The reality is that there are many complicated parts at play. The mother, the child, and the overall situation.

If we are going to insist that the life in the womb is more than just tissue, which it is, we need to act like it. We need to treat them like human beings. Thinking of how to care for them when they arrive. Helping provide Gospel-centered homes for them if their families choice to give them up for adoption.

One of the ways that we as Christians can assist in giving girls and women an option other than abortion is to show them that foster care and adoption are legitimate options. To do that we must actually get involved. Involved in praying for the children, supporting the families that foster, or fostering ourselves.

Our friends over at @youngmarriedchristian have a system in place to get you started. They are on a mission to see a Gospel-centered home available to every child in foster care.

Text ‘FREEDOM’ to 833-370-1610 to get started.

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